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about us


Africa Legal Consulting is a network of law firms in Africa. Our firms provide legal & business consultancy services to our clients in Africa. Businesses have unique legal needs which require professional, efficient, faster, trust-worthy, dynamic, competent and cost-effective solutions. Our law firms devise well-rounded and innovative solutions which help businesses achieve their objectives. Our lawyers ensure prompt, responsive and efficient delivery of legal services. We are committed to excellence, professionalism, teamwork and innovation. Our diversity, experience & collaborative approach helps bring fresh perspectives to the problems we solve.

Globalization is driving the need for cross-jurisdictional advice. Many businesses have operations in multiple geographies in Africa and need legal advisors from a network who can deliver legal solutions reliably wherever an entity operates.

The volume, complexity and pace of regulatory changes In Africa have become an ongoing challenge. Businesses continue to focus on achieving more with fewer resources and as a result are looking to service providers to deliver greater value more efficiently.