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Commercial law solutions


Legal and contractual frameworks for supply chain management and distribution networks are essential to helping businesses operate smoothly worldwide.

Africa Legal Consulting professionals have extensive experience in supporting cross-border transactions in all major industries. Our approach focuses on avoiding disputes and litigation by drafting and negotiating appropriate, unambiguous, and enforceable contracts.

Africa Legal Consulting specialists take businesses' commercial objectives and translate them into robust contractual documentation including general terms and conditions appropriate to a variety of distribution (e.g. agency, dealership), supply, and transportation agreements as well as export regulations and customs.

Companies are facing an increasing number of business challenges globally including more rigorous regulations and enforcement by local authorities in the countries where they operate. As experienced advisers with a practical focus Africa Legal Consulting can help clients meet these challenges and develop commercial solutions. Africa Legal Consulting provides services related to:
•    Legal and contractual framework of supply chain management and distribution networks
•    Restructuring business functions and outsourcing
•    Real estate including acquisition, disposal and portfolio management
•    Intellectual property rights including registration, protection and defense
•    Unfair competition and antitrust
•    Litigation in all fields of business law, including white collar crime
•    Bankruptcy, insolvency and corporate restructuring
•    Statutory and regulatory compliance

Africa Legal Consulting invests time to understand the needs and operational nuances of our clients.  We offer a broad base of commercial business law services in multiple jurisdictions.  Our experience and global reach allow us to provide businesses facing complex legal regulations and challenges with personalized, tailor-made services